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Weitere E-Books zum Thema: Antike - Antike Kulturen


eBook Wissensästhetik Cover

The constitution, transmission and preservation of all knowledge about antiquity have always been highly mediated acts. As an epoch long past, antiquity can only be constituted through the mediation ...

Text und Übersetzung

eBook Text und Übersetzung Cover

Dem eigentlichen Homerkommentar, der im jeweils zweiten Faszikel eines Bandes geboten wird, geht im jeweils ersten Faszikel der griechische Text (von M . L. West) und die Übersetzung von J. Latacz ...

Menanders 'Kolax'

eBook Menanders 'Kolax' Cover

Menander’s Kolax (The Flatterer) was very popular in the Ancient World and played a central role in the history of the parasite on the comic stage. This volume provides an edition and a translation ...

Empedokles 'Physika' I

eBook Empedokles 'Physika' I Cover

The central section of Empedocles, On Nature I is reconstructed by combining the Strasburg Papyrus of Empedocles with a series of quotations from Simplicius that comes from the same section. The ...


eBook Alkestis Cover

The Greek text of Euripides’ Alcestis has been critically edited for this bilingual edition; the prose translation attempts to follow it verse by verse. The commentary, which assumes no knowledge ...