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E-Book Diskurslinguistik

This textbook presents the first introduction in German to discourse linguistics. It provides an initial entry-point to an area of linguistics which has become established since the 1990s and…


E-Book Phonologie

This is the 2nd edition of the successful textbook on phonology, which has been updated, expanded and improved. The bibliography has also been updated, and the number of diagrams and graphics…

Einführung in die Phonetik

E-Book Einführung in die Phonetik

This textbook is a basic introduction to phonetics as a subdiscipline of general linguistics. All areas of phonetics are presented in depth (phonation, articulation, acoustics, perception, etc.),…


E-Book Frame-Semantik

Frame semantics is an important recent development in linguistic theory that links linguistics, cognitive psychology, general cognitive science, and AI research. This handbook-style introductory…


E-Book Genderlinguistik

This collection of essays on gender linguistics presents various perspectives on practices of linguistic construction of gender identity. The articles describe current methodological and…


E-Book TransArea

This volume takes the view that globalization is not a recent phenomenon, but instead an enduring process, marked by four periods of accelerated change. The Early Modern period in European…

Das Fremdwort im Deutschen

E-Book Das Fremdwort im Deutschen

Which loan words exist in current German, what is their origin and what role do they play within the German vocabulary as a whole? For the first time, this book describes in a systematic and…

l - maszeug

E-Book l - maszeug

The Early New High German Dictionary is an alphabetically-ordered dictionary of the varieties of High German from the 14th to 17th century.


E-Book Lebenswelten

In his book Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature, first published in 1946, Erich Auerbach sought to examine the emergence of literary realism from a pan-European…

Ikonische Gesten

E-Book Ikonische Gesten

Despite a longstanding realization on the part of linguists of the important communicative function of non-verbal gestures there has been no linguistic modeling framework to analyze the…


E-Book Konstruktionsgrammatik

Conceived as an introduction, this volume begins by discussing the theory and method of the view, shared by all construction grammar approaches, that a unity exists between linguistic form and…

Das Deutsch der Migranten

E-Book Das Deutsch der Migranten

The subject of this annual volume for 2012 is the usage and forms of German as spoken by immigrants. The work addresses the acquisition of German as a second language, particularities in the…

Leipziger Germanistik

E-Book Leipziger Germanistik

In a series of individual essays, this volume presents the important contributors and major trends in the field of German linguistics and literary studies at the University of Leipzig from the…

Definitionen und Termini

E-Book Definitionen und Termini

Terms and terminologies are central topics of terminology research, yet strategies of terminologization - that is, the introduction of terminological systems to specialized texts - have received…

Sprache in Interaktion

E-Book Sprache in Interaktion

While linguistics traditionally focused on a language use oriented towards the written norm, this bookemphasizes the interactional use of language. On a theoretical and empirical basis, the…


E-Book Gesprächsideale

The question of the conditions, forms, and impact of felicitous dialogue has arisen in the broadest range of academic disciplines in the 20th century. This book examines such normative…

Strukturen im Sprachraum

E-Book Strukturen im Sprachraum

This book establishes new criteria for defining the German linguistic landscape.The spatio-structural analysesresult in a data-driven model of historical dialects that contributes to our…

Funktionen von Modalität

E-Book Funktionen von Modalität

The term “modality” encompasses a number of categories: modal verbs, modal particles, and confirmatory questions. This volume examines, on the one hand, the common features of basic…


E-Book Mediensprache

The new edition of this textbook provides a comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to media linguistics. It presents basic terms in communication theory and describes the major linguistic…


E-Book Sprachverfall?

The 2013 Annual of the Institute for the German Language provides a classification of discourse on language decline based on language history and variation linguistics. In addition, it offers an…


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