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Länder und Regionen

E-Book Länder und Regionen

The first volume contains articles on Judaeophobia in 85 countries and regions. The articles are written by outstanding specialists in the field in the various regions. All the contributions…


E-Book USA

This collection of essays is at the same time a reference work of previously unknown names and topics of German-language exile literature since 1933. The U.S. is one of the most important asylum…

Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0

E-Book Handbuch Bibliothek 2.0

With the term 'Library 2.0' the editors mean an institution which applies the principles of the Web 2.0 such as openness, re-use, collaboration and interaction in the entire organization.…


E-Book Informationsressourcen

This volume offers information specialists an up-to-date introduction to using information resources. In addition to the theoretical foundations, approx.400 general and subject-specific…


E-Book 2012

Up-to-date information on some 7,000 institutions and approx. 12,000 persons in public life in Bavaria: authorities and departments of local, state and federal administration; jurisdiction;…

Teaching Library

E-Book Teaching Library

This book describes the transformation of university and college libraries into teaching libraries which offer space and services for academic learning and promote information literacy in…


E-Book Informationsgerechtigkeit

Constant developments in information technologies make it necessary to take a detailed look at the subject of 'Information and Society'. In recent years many scholars and politicians have…


E-Book Publikationen

The 6th volume of this handbook provides information about publishers, newspapers, and journals and also about the numerous treatises, articles, and books that have figured in the history of…


E-Book Bibliometrie

The quantification of knowledge to evaluate the performance of scholars or rank entire institutions, research locations, or nations is an increasingly common phenomenon. This volume introduces…


E-Book Schulbibliothek

School libraries are often developed and led by non-professionals, who approach their task with great commitment but inadequate basic knowledge. This volume addresses their needs in clear…

Neue Formen der Erwerbung

E-Book Neue Formen der Erwerbung

This volume provides a comprehensive review of all forms of modern acquisition management in libraries in the German speaking world. In over thirty contributions, absolute specialists cover the…

Arbeitsorganisation 2.0

E-Book Arbeitsorganisation 2.0

Steigern Sie Ihre Produktivität durch den cleveren Einsatz von webbasierten Diensten im Arbeitsalltag. Die Autoren Julia Bergmann und Jürgen Plieninger geben in diesem Buch ihre Erfahrungen und…

Die moderne Bibliothek

E-Book Die moderne Bibliothek

This new textbook of library administration provides an overview of all important aspects of the library business with emphasis on the demands made on the modern library: The central issue is…


E-Book 2011

Up-to-date information on some 7,000 institutions and approx. 12,000 persons in public life in Bavaria: authorities and departments of local, state and federal administration; jurisdiction;…

Gaming und Bibliotheken

E-Book Gaming und Bibliotheken

Using a theoretical review as a foundation, this volume for the first time provides a comprehensive review of the manifold possibilities for the use of gaming in libraries. It presents new…

Bücher öffnen Welten

E-Book Bücher öffnen Welten

This volume presents the prison library system in Germany and around the world. Besides describing the history of prison libraries, this book provides for the first time a comprehensive summary…

Basiswissen RDA

E-Book Basiswissen RDA

Basics of RDA provides an introduction to RDA (Resource Description and Access), the new system for catalogue organization from Anglo-American library practice. RDA is supplanting RAK, the…

Handbuch Kulturportale

E-Book Handbuch Kulturportale

The book surveys major culture portals in the fields of culture and science, such as the German Digital Library. It presents a range of different projects with a focus on historical,…

Vermittler des Rechts

E-Book Vermittler des Rechts

For over 200 years, legal publishing has been a highly influential segment of the book trade. Always staying close to prevailing opinion while remaining flexible enough to embrace shifts in the…


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