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A - Z Diplome

68 Diplome in Englisch vorhanden mit dem Anfangsbuchstaben A
  1. A better Employee Motivation through the Application of Public Feedback Processes
  2. A Case Analysis - Exploring Customer Attitudes on BMW
  3. A Comparison between Smart Cards and Trusted Platform Modules in Business Scenarios
  4. A comparison of classroom discourse in two countries
  5. A comparison of the main Direct Marketing Media and their future prospects in the age of the new millennium
  6. A concept for knowledge management: A comparison of knowledge management and information management
  7. A Criteria Based Literature Research - Approaches, Achievements and Experiences of the Concept of Cultural Diversity in Multicultural Organizations
  8. A critical analysis of the 2007-2009 global financial and economic crisis and its implications for the travel industry and associated businesses
  9. A Design and Development Method for Artificial Neural Network Projects
  10. A Design Pattern Oriented Programming Environment
  11. A Framework for Realtime 3-D Reconstruction by Space Carving Using Graphics Hardware
  12. A Literature Review on the Impact of Investment in Human Capital on Economic Success
  13. A Project Management Methodology for Multimedia Projects
  14. A Remote Sensing and GIS-based model of avian species habitat and its potential as a part of an environmental monitoring programme
  15. A Strategic Analysis of the Construction Industry in the United Arab Emirates
  16. A Strategic Analysis of the Construction Industry in the United Arab Emirates. Opportunities and Threats in the Construction Business
  17. A Strategy for the Management of Digital Information Products
  18. A study of eco-labelling in Spain and tourism decision making
  19. A Study on the Integrated Approach of Shareholder Value Analysis
  20. A Survey on Requirements Elicitation
  21. A Wireless Medical Surveillance System
  22. Acceleration of product development process in small and middle size companies
  23. Achieving Business Value in Information Security
  24. Advanced Synthesis of Gold and Zirconia Nanoparticles and their Characterization
  25. Advertising in a Changing China
  26. Agencies and policies
  27. Agencies and policies.
  28. Alternative Investments
  29. Alternative Tourism on Gran Canaria
  30. American Consumer Culture and its Society: From F. Scott Fitzgerald`s 1920s Modernism to Bret Easton Ellis`1980s Blank Fiction
  31. An analysis how the Balanced Score Card approach could enhance the personal contentedness considering the change in the society from a Work/Life balance to a multi-duty-life of individuals in consulting companies in Germany
  32. An analysis of 'Product Placement' as a strategic communication instrument
  33. An analysis of market-orientated supply chain management in the retail fashion industry with particular reference to the case of Zara
  34. An Analysis of the Current Development Stage of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and its Usage for Database Systems
  35. An analysis of the Product and Market functions of Asset-Backed Securitization
  36. An Analysis on the Public Perception of the Tobacco Industry's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Marketing Communications
  37. An Approach to an Accountable Client-Communication Mix in the Banking Industry
  38. An Assessment of Cameroons Wind and Solar Energy Potential: A Guide for a Sustainable Economic Development
  39. An Economic Assessment of Proposed Cigarette Excise Tax Hikes in the State of West Virginia
  40. An Empirical Investigation into the Factors Influencing Consumer Perceptions of the No Name Brand Food Items: Special Focus - South Africa
  41. An empirical investigation of supermarket differentiation
  42. An evaluation of the relevance of corporate venture capital investment as a means for diversified high technology concerns to sustain competitiveness
  43. An experimental investigation of the influence of time perspective on emotionally moderated intertemporal choices
  44. An Exploration of the Double-Conscious African- Americans on their Journey for an Identity along the Colour Line in -Passing, Quicksand, The Autobiography of an Ex-colored Man
  45. An investigation of strategic decision making in Swedish and German companies based on Game Theory
  46. An Investigation on Contemporary Consumer Resistance: How Web 2.0 Makes Consumers Powerful
  47. Analysis and Evaluation of the Eurex Repo Market Model
  48. Analysis and Visualization of Biological Publication Data
  49. Analysis of and Recommendations for Kenya's Tourism Sector
  50. Analysis of Contact Resistance Change of Embroidered Interconnections
  51. Analysis of selected aspects of the multi-channel management and the international distribution system
  52. Analysis of the divergence between theory and practice
  53. Analytic and Strategic Approaches to the Development of International (European) Markets
  54. Apple's Secret Of Success - Traditional Marketing Vs. Cult Marketing
  55. Applicability of Mobile Marketing in the Marketing Mix of Trade Fair Organizers
  56. Application Level Security Management
  57. Application of Search Engine Marketing Methods in order to generate High-Quality Traffic
  58. Application of Web Service Technologies on a B2B Communication Platform by Means of a Pattern and UML Based Software Development Process
  59. Applications of Credit Derivatives
  60. Approaches to the Ex-arte Evaluation of Information Systems
  61. Are Customers loyal to the Tesco Superstore in Roundhay
  62. ASB Summer University 2006: Assessment of student satisfaction with a threefold approach
  63. Assessing and Optimizing the Reverse Logistic Process Using Computer Aided Modelling Techniques
  64. Assessment of the Commercial Applicability of Artificial Intelligence in Electronic Businesses
  65. Asset Allocation, Performance Measurement and Downside Risk
  66. Asset-backed Securitization and the Financial Crisis
  67. Asymptotics of Cubic Number Fields with Bounded Second Successive Minimum of the Trace Form
  68. Austrian Advance Rulings Measures and their Compatibility with EU and OECD Provisions against Harmful Tax Competition